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1.Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 Versions

2.Windows 8

Window 8 Start Screen

5 Top Windows 8 Features:

  1. Speedy Boot Time
  2. Innovative and Dynamic Desktop
  3. Improved Search
  4. Windows To Go
  5. Windows Live Syncing

3. Microsoft Surface Tablet (Launch Dates: Surface (26/10/12) and Surface Pro : (January 2013))

Microsoft surface table

Key Information:

  1. Tablet PC designed and marketed by Microsoft
  2. Two versions : SURFACE AND SURFACE PRO
  3. SURFACE - run the WIN RT OS and use ARM cpu
  4. SURFACE PRO - run the WIN PRO OS and use INTEL cpu
  5. Screen Size: 10.6"
  6. Touch Cover and Type Cover Keyboards when folded up, serve as protective covers

4.Microsoft Office 2013

Key Information:

  1. Office 365 (Microsoft's Cloud-based Productivity Suite) Tie-In
  2. Will run on Windows 8 Tablet and Windows Smart Phones
  3. Subsciption Model
  4. Social Media and Skype Integration
  5. No Support for Windows XP and Vista


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