JL Computer Services

Terms Of Business


If the client is in any doubt as to the meanings of the followings, 'JL Computer Services' should be consulted immediately.


"We", "us" is reference to 'JL Computer Services' "You", "the client" is reference to any company or individual requesting the services of 'JL Computer Services'


The client authorizes 'JL Computer Services' to conduct an evaluation to determine the nature of any fault/issue and provide an estimate of repair cost and timing. The client further authorizes 'JL Computer Services where necessary, to receive and transport equipment, data or media, to and from their offices. The evaluation is free and work beyond this evaluation will only commence after instruction is received from the client to do so, either by email or telephone in person. An 'order' is deemed to be a written or verbal contract between 'JL Computer Services' and the client, this includes telephone and email agreements.


'JL Computer Services' are bound by the data protection act and will not, without the client's consent, forward, distribute, or sell any details which may be held. 'JL Computer Services' may potentially view or access sensitive or private information on computer systems for the purpose of installation or repair.


By authorizing 'JL Computer Services' to carry out a repair the client understands that any existing warranties may be deemed null and void. Under no circumstances will 'JL Computer Services' be responsible for any warranty severance.


Where the client is providing hardware or software, other than that specified by 'JL Computer Services', it is the responsibility of the client to ensure compatibility with any existing hardware or software configurations. If a service cannot be completed as a result of such product incompatibility a charge of S$ 40.00 will be applied.


Any property left with 'JL Computer Services' unclaimed for 90 days, will without exception, be disposed of. At which time 'JL Computer Services' shall have no liability to the client, or any third party.


Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer (OCBC : 533-043824-001) upon completion of work.


'JL Computer Services' liability of any kind with respect to its services, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the contract price charged for the services. 'JL Computer Services' shall not be liable for any claim, including without limitation, the physical functioning of any equipment/media or the condition or existence of data on storage media supplied, damage to equipment, loss of data, loss of revenue or profits, or any special, incidental, contingent, or consequential damages, however caused, before, during or after service even if 'JL Computer Services' has been advised of the possibility of damages or loss to persons or property. The client acknowledges the inherent risks of injury and property damage involved in computer repair, and assumes any and all known risks of injury and property damage, that may result.